Patients and Families

There is a time when it’s appropriate to take all possible measures to cure or delay the progression of disease. There is also a time when it’s appropriate to focus exclusively on comfort.

But what about the time in between?

When the cumulative impact of multiple health issues starts to impact day to day affairs, we call that frailty.  For many, this time is characterized by uncertainty and chaos; and when health deteriorates further, people often receive multiple, conflicting messages and recommendations.

We’ve often heard from people that they feel:

  • Frightened about their role as a decision maker or support person.
  • Concerned that health is not improving despite the endless number of medications, tests, appointments, and recommendations.
  • In need of more guidance about how to make complex decisions.

This is the time for PATH.

PATH helps patients, families and providers gain a better understanding of the big picture of health and how to face the future in a way that creates a better experience.

Here is how one PATH family member described her experience of the program: