Hypertension Guidelines

 Treating Hypertension in Frailty

These guidelines are intended for those with severe or very severe frailty according to the Clinical Frailty Scale.  The recommendations advocate for more lenient blood pressure (bp) targets with frailty and make recommendations to avoid excessive blood glucose testing.

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Clinical Signs/Symptoms

Experiencing Orthostasis?

Tailored Treatment Recommendation







Systolic Blood Pressure
Use seated blood pressure (not supine) to make treatment decisions.

When measuring BP sitting and then within minutes of standing, orthostasis is a drop in systolic BP of >20mm or diastolic BP of >10mm Hg OR any drop in BP associated with lightheadness, or unsteadiness.

Medications that lower blood pressure
This would include antihypertensives, diuretics, alpha blockers, nitro patches etc.