Diabetes Guidelines

For Elderly Residents in Long Term Care (LTC) Facilities and the Frail Elderly

Diabetes guidelines for the frail elderly

These guidelines are intended for those with severe or very severe frailty according to the Clinical Frailty Scale.  The recommendations advocate for more lenient blood glucose (BG) targets with frailty and make recommendations to avoid excessive blood glucose testing.

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Diabetes guidelines for elderly residents in LTC facilities

In response to the need for standardized diabetes care for residents of LTC facilities throughout Nova Scotia, PATH has collaborated with the Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia (DCPNS) to  develop evidence-informed guidelines for optimum care of frail elderly with diabetes living in LTC .  These guidelines are for the care of individuals who are frail, non-palliative, and appropriate for diabetes care interventions. 

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For more information about the DCPNS, including background information about the Long-Term Care Guidelines, FAQ’s and a Telehealth Presentation, please visit the DCPNS website.