Visit 3: Plan & Empower


Preparing for future health care decisions.

Once you understand everything about your health and what to expect in the future, we will then help you and your family (or other care partners) prepare for making future health decisions.

You may choose to fill out a decision form that outlines your wishes as to what treatments you would or would not like to consider. You will be provided with a copy of this decision record and we will inform your family physician and other relevant health professionals of your decisions, so that everyone understands your wishes.


Learning key questions to ask in a crisis situation.

Unfortunately the PATH team won’t be able to predict every future health decision that you will need to make. To help in emergency situations, we will teach you the key questions you or your care partner should ask members of your health care team if you ever find yourself in a crisis. Hypothetical crisis situations will be discussed to practice applying the PATH questions.

To review the questions, see the In a Crisis page. These questions will help you make on-the-spot decisions and avoid interventions that could make you suffer without improving your health.

When you have finished the PATH program, you will have the opportunity to fill out a satisfaction survey. Your feedback will be used to inform how the PATH program is delivered and to ensure the PATH team is providing the best possible care and guidance for patients and their caregivers.

PATH Particpant Survey