Clinic Referral

The PATH clinic is a health care service for older people with serious health conditions. Health care provides may face daunting challenges as they assist patients with chronic illness and their families plan for the road ahead. The goal of the PATH clinic is to help patients and families choose a blend of therapeutic and palliative measures that will best preserve the individual’s quality of life in their remaining time.

The doctors, nurses and other health professionals at the PATH clinic have specialized training and many years of experience working with frail, older adults and their families. They are here to help guide patients and families through the process of making health care decisions that will protect the patients best interest and quality of life.

Family physicians and specialists can refer their patients for PATH consultation. The PATH team will inform all members of a patients health care team of any current and/or future health decision that are made as a result of PATH consultation.

The clinic is located in the Veteran’s Memorial Building at the QEII Health Sciences Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We also offer a satellite clinic at the Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg, Nova Scotial.

To refer to PATH in Halifax complete and submit the referral form.

To refer to PATH in the South Shore call 902-634-7015.