About PATH


What is PATH?

PATH is a process that helps older people and their families understand their health status and guides them through the process of making health care decisions that protect their best interests and quality of life.

Why is Harmonization Important?

Therapeutic care aims to solve a person’s health problems. Palliative care seeks to reduce a person’s suffering by controlling symptoms like pain or nausea. It does not try to solve the underlying problem.

There are times when it is appropriate to take all possible therapeutic measures to cure or delay the progression of illness. However, at other times this approach may cause more harm than good. As people develop more health problems they become frail. People who are frail may not be able to tolerate or benefit from the complex medical and surgical treatments that tend to benefit healthier people. When a person is in the final stage of his or her life, palliative care is often the most compassionate course of action.

The goal of  PATH  is to help patients and families choose a blend of therapeutic and palliative measures that will best preserve an individual’s quality of life in their remaining time.

Who is PATH For?

PATH is for older people with serious health conditions, including those who:

  • have one or more advanced or progressive illness;
  • have had multiple hospitalizations or uncontrolled symptoms;
  • have experienced a progressive decline in mobility, function (ability to carry out routine daily activities) or cognition (ability to remember, think or reason); or
  • have questions about how to make health care decisions that reflect individual values, how to manage symptoms, and how to anticipate what lies ahead.


What services does PATH offer?

1. Clinical consult at the PATH Clinic in Halifax or in South Shore NS (more information here).

2. Training for members of health care teams who would like to build efficiency and increase capacity for improved assessment and care planning (more information here).

3. Guidelines and resources for physicians (more information here)